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And casual language learner bloggers.

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  1. You’ll have all your language learning notes and journaling here, where you can study them easily.
  2. You’ll impress some of your family and friends.
  3. Telling others what works for you helps them, you, and all kinds of communities.
  4. You’ll help form an introvert-centric language learning blog.
  5. You can look back on all the progress you’ve made, for motivation to continue even faster.
  6. You can ignore a lot of noise in the news and on the Internet, and focus on developing your own mind.
  7. You can link back to your own blog, if that’s your thing.
  8. Telling others what doesn’t work for you helps them, you, and all kinds of communities.
  9. You can post whatever you like, as long as it isn’t obscene. It’s your space.
  10. You’ll feel more accountable for goals set in public: vocab goals, etc.
  11. You’ll meet some people, if you want to.
  12. You can push back against the extreme extrovert-centric language learning culture pushed by Benny Lewis’s “Fluent in 3 Months”, etc.
  13. You can post and find links to Anki vocabulary and phrase flash card sets.
  14. You’ll see language learning tips and ideas you never would have if you weren’t coming here to blog.
  15. You can document your progress on any language learning goal you’ve chosen.
  16. If  you’re not even into language learning, you can start and see how easy it is — although it’s also some work.
  17. You can blog in the language of your choice — native language or a new second language you’re learning.
  18. You can embed your Youtube videos related to language learning.
  19. You can embed others’ Youtube videos related to language learning.
  20. You can model what has worked for others, to speed up your own learning.
  21. You can become famous in this community. (And who knows, maybe beyond.)
  22. You can distract yourself from any problem, with a healthy obsession: language learning.
  23. You can meet the man or woman of your dreams. Just kidding. But who knows.
  24. You’ll help decrease prejudice worldwide
  25. Your analytical skills will improve.
  26. Your value to businesses will increase. Command a higher pay.
  27. You’ll understand your own language and culture even better.
  28. Your creativity will improve.
  29. Your communication skills in general will improve.
  30. You’ll make international travel easier on  yourself and anyone around you.
  31. Your problem solving skills will improve.
  32. You’ll be able to talk to more people.
  33. You’ll be able to talk to people without all the silly small talk that goes with your native language.
  34. You’ll make better grades in general, if you’re still in school.
  35. Your memory skills will skyrocket.
  36. Your listening skills even in your native language will improve.
  37. You’ll be more helpful and valuable to the world in general.
  38. You’ll pull into yourself a fuller sense of the world’s historical and cultural and linguistic past.
  39. You’ll be more fluent in your native language as well as the languages you learn.
  40. Your mind will expand.
  41. Your consciousness will expand.
  42. Your tolerance and compassion and attractiveness will increase.
  43. You’ll decrease the barriers between people.
  44. You’ll tear down a wall between yourself and a lot of others — that wall known as a language barrier.
  45. You’ll enjoy more literature, art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science.

How to get started?

Go to the Register page for a quick registration. You can submit a first blog post right away and see it appear on the site very soon.