English Mnemonic for French Vocabulary: tapis

English mnemonic for the French word: tapis

English: mat

Hear about the new form of yoga? It’s TAPPY MAT yoga. You TAPPY dance on your yoga MAT. TAPPY MAT is just more fun.

You’ll never forget tapis en francais means mat in English.

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Even mnemonics, that previously most powerful technique, doesn’t hold a candle to spaced-repetition flash cards programs.

This technology, spaced-repetition flash card technology, wasn’t widely available before about 2010, in a big way. It automatically serves up a given flash card just when the average human brain would begin to forget it.

This is the vocabulary learning equivalent of just-in-time-delivery. In fact, it’s part of a thing: Just In Time Learning.

The flash card section here is like a computer program that essentially programs your brain with French vocabulary.

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