Area man masters 143 French survival phrases from in two days, and here’s how he did it

Sunday 143 French

Those who know me, including myself, can assure you my memory isn’t remarkably good. But with the help of spaced repetition flash card technology at and Anki, my memory was able to master 143 French survival phrases in just under two days.

The total study time was about four hours.

Presented with an English equivalent on the front of the card, for example, “Some water please, without ice, and with a lime,” I’m able to respond by speaking fluently “De l’eau s’il vous plait, sans glaçons, avec une tranche de lime.”

Multiply by 140, for 140 survival phrases. It feels great to have some basic French survival phrases ready to go.

It’s not me. It’s the technology. It quite literally programs your brain in a natural way. Of course, the human brain requires further review of the material, so I’ll be reviewing this 143-card flash card deck in the coming days. However, the heavy lifting is finished. Reviews will be quick trounces through the material. Because spaced repetition flash card technology automatically flags the items you need more practice on, the reviews will focus only on any phrases my memory begins to lose sight of.

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